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For this core service, you’re in charge of making the final selections, putting together your itinerary and making those bookings. Should you wish, you can add on a series of planning sessions on video calls, or the option to have Whatsapp support from our team before and during your trip. We can discuss these extra options in your initial consultation.

If you’re looking for a more complete planning, design and organisation service for your trip, have a look at our road less travelled option.

All of our prices are totally bespoke, and will depend on the length of your trip, your proposed budget and the complexity of your requirements.

If you’ve decided on a holiday to Greece but you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer variety it offers, our sensitive location scouting service can help you to find your perfect piece of Hellenic heaven.

After a friendly, in-depth consultation, you’ll receive a custom destination guide, giving you a tailored selection of location options that will match your travel style and give you what you’re looking for and more.

As part of this service, you’ll have access to exclusive rates from our local partners, plus a personalised list of accommodation and transport options, so you can move forward in your holiday planning knowing that a joyous journey in Greece awaits you.